Ted Lasso

Seems there may be more in the future according to some interviews recently.

Not a done deal but certainly not ruled out either.

And did anyone else notice the book Ted was reading on the plane? ‘How to Change Your Mind’ 😮

Here’s hoping 🤞
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The superior and original Cat Steven’s version
I mean.. I don’t want to spoil it.. but one version is pure magic, emotional and can easily bring a man to tears.

The other is by the drunken car valet, the tone deaf window cleaner.. the Irish Robbie Williams.. Roman Keating
Just watched the last episode. Really nice heartwarming way for it to finish. If they had won the league, it would have been a bit over the top, the balance was good.

Could absolutely have done without seeing Coach Beard in that thong mind !!:sick:
Me and our lass have immediately started to watch it a 2nd time from series 1,episode 1 (the pilot).

There'll defo be further series in my opinion.

It was clever how the last episode echoed the very first in so many ways.
I watched the final episode last night and thought it was superb. Really well executed despite what was a really poor final season overall. That's no surprise though considering Bill Lawrence was hardly involved due to him making Shrinking at the same time.

I really liked the fact that Ted's arc was competed but the possibility of numerous spin offs was left open.