Sunak - Is Just unbelievable

It's easy to be tone deaf when you live in an echo chamber at the top of an ivory tower, this is a further example of how out of touch Sunak is with the general public and our behavioural norms.

The House of Commons needs to look at the baying and braying of it's members and adopt more professional and reasoned etiquette, the ad hominem and personal attacks on members is unedifying and unnecessary, imagine that behaviour in any other business ?
absolutely I don't want people with quippy one liners running my country, I want professionals, people that want to get stuff done, tell me straight what's happening, even if I don't like it rather than finding ways to slither out of giving an answer. The etiquette of our political procedures is outdated and nonsense.
This might come as a bit of a shock to you. Starmer is an establishment Trojan horse, as was Blair. They’re all grovelling narcissists who sold their souls for cash and prizes. Starmers first job was to rid labour of genuine working class and to prop up the Isreal gaslighting machine. Isreal actually interfered in our last election with the war against Corbyn.

They are all filthy rich, in the same clubs and have PMQs to pretend democracy exists, it doesn’t. Just look at wars, they are created by billionaires. WW1 was particularly pathetic. A royal family didn’t like another so millions died in agony and hell.

But here we are, knuckle draggers and gaslighting toffs propping this fantasy planet up. The world is run on a huge gaslighting lie. Everything you think you know, assume the opposite. When you have an unelected PM with £754,000,000 in tax havens, a wife with 4 bankruptcies picked up by the tax payer and the opposition leader is a F***ing knight of the realm, you know, Orwell has arrived.
This nonsense is almost as bad as the comment by Sunak.

Shame on you.
“Nowadays, when you discuss the far right, people insist “That’s not far right!”.
Folk who have plainly shifted to the far right claim to have “transcended left and right”. Or state that the terms have no meaning.
What’s going on?
Hold onto your seats, it’s a wild ride.”
I dont think sunak is capable of empathy on any level on any subject. If he was told his wife had died he would probably still look indifferent to it. Maybe its cultural or maybe hes just a chunt
Occasionally the mask slips.
Taking a bet on sending asylum seekers to a Country we've given people asylum from
Joking about Trans people minutes before the Mother of a murdered Trans person enters the House.

Tbh I don't see it making that much difference to the kind of people that would have voted for him anyway.
According to Badenoch it's all Starmer's fault

As a father I can't begin to imagine the pain and suffering that Esther Ghey is currently experiencing, it would be crass of me or anyone else to suggest that because we share the experience and privilege parenthood that we have any idea the emotions that the loss of a child in such a tragic and heinous manner would evoke.

The murder of Brianna Ghey shows that words have consequences a singular lesson that Sunak and Badenoch seem unable or unwilling to learn.

Many years ago we lost a child to miscarriage, that was painful enough but it doesn't begin to equate to losing a child murdered by her peers for simply being herself.
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I think he goes to the bookies before PMQs to get odds on the most ridiculous things he can say then weaves them into PMQs
I'm not sure Sunak has ever been out on his own. He seems to have no empathy or social skills whatsoever. He is entirely out of touch with the UK at large. I suspect he could be an alien!
I used to utterly despise the tories of the 70s/80s.
Thatcher. Tebbitt, Prior, Hurd, Clarke, Whitelaw, Fowler, Joseph , Brittan etc

But compared to the current cadre of right wing neo-fascist băstårds I think I'd welcome them back with open arms.
Even the Arch-Witch herself.

(May the good Lord forgive me for what I just said )
The whole thing needs reforming, the ridiculous outdated rules and rituals, the fact it's still in bloody London needs to be addressed. As someone else said, move it into the middle, put proper, modern rules that offer real accountability in place so these idiots can't easily take back handers and give contracts to their mates and put some proper eligibility in place so we get competent professionals in posts, not charlatans and cowards