Stockton on tees -New Eden

At last the new vision of Stockton could about to be realised . The castle gate to be demolished and presumably the swallow hotel . The vacant shops in the high street should be filled by those from the castle gate .
This will be the best thing to happen to Stockton in our life time 👍😎
Their always will be someone but I think we all need something to lift us and our expectations. There a couple of mayors that seem to do more than drink coffee and shuffle papers . Living and working in a nice looking area will hopefully create a platform for more good things to come. Let’s hope there’s no delay .
Looks great for the first time sbc plans look like they will improve the town. About time the Castlegate centre and multistory carpark are demolished


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The swallow will be going, now the SBC has bought it, along with Castlegate. I understand the decision to move the shops to Wellington but I hope they put a roof on it.


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If anyone has been to Liverpool since the redevelopment of Liverpool ONE and opening up the park down to Albert Dock then that is exactly the model that Stockton should be following. There are three key parts to it. Albert Dock is a destination, so you have to have a reason to go to the river (shops, restaurants, bars and events etc.) Up the hill is the shopping and entertainment complex with cinema, restaurants and shops and a link to the rest of the town. The space between the two just links them and makes it a place to both spend time and make the short walk between the two a feature. You have to get all 3 right. If you get one end right then people will just head straight there and the bit in between and at the other end fades away.


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We really should be looking at enhancing our Riverside area, not just a Snowdome but houses, shops etc. Even the enclosed Docks themselves could be used for water sports of sought.
I think once this is done other things will evolve around it once the shops are relocated .

The company that owns the part of debs that the council doesn’t is in administration so it’s likely theyl be open to an offer for it so sbc could own the whole thing soon .
Stockton council have been a shining light recently, actually investing in the area and trying to be pro-active as opposed to just letting it crumble away. From buying up areas, the city games, the globe (eventually), sorting the high street out, encouraging micro-pubs, still running SIRF.

They've always been a council to encourage events etc (fireworks, sirf, music events) for the area, but to be proactively moving the town centre forward is brilliant!
Fair play to Stockton Council. They've maintained an historical area, and they're now reshaping the town centre whilst keeping apace of economic trends in the High Street.

A more compact shopping area is what's required, combining that with the riverfront development is a big plus. They're also looking to reintegrate the river into the town after being cut off for years by the dual carriageway.

Let's hope it happens..