Spotify Wrapped

Apparently this was my most listened to track, probably because it's on a fair few playlists.

Most listened to band The Mission.
Top Artists

1. The Stone Roses
2. The Jam
3. The Charlatans
4. Blur
5. Primal Scream

Top Songs

1. Pounding - Doves
2. Weirdo - The Charlatans
3. Our Velocity - Maximo Park
4. Sproston Green - The Charlatans
5. All you good good people - Embrace
Blimey I had to use chrome for the first time in ages to post that, see what you mean about the ads on this site!
You can do it on Apple Music as well. Go to Browse and it is there on the top line...

Mine is as boring this year as it is every year although Richard Ashcroft has overtaken Shed Seven!

Replay 2022 - Apple Music.png.png