Spike RIP- tribute March of the pleasantly moonheaded.


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We could do with this baldy back in the Kremlin, Mikhail Gorbachev

Uncle Harry

My sincere apologies to a brother Harry.

Off the subs bench the from Felix the Cat Professor Poindexter

And now I think of it Felix was pretty round as was the very similar

Korky the Cat so…them

atomicloonybin aka ALB

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I'm sure there's a doctorate somewhere in when it became "acceptable" to be bald, and its accompaniment (as long as you shave it all off). My brother (like me) started going bald at the back, him in the seventies, but by god he had a mighty combover for years. You couldn't breath in the bathroom after he'd been in because of the smell of **** mixed with what must have been a cans worth of Cossack hairspray. He still swirls it about though it'd look better if he just cut it short.

Anyway, Robert Robinson.


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