El Guapo

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They are lucky. Should have been bigger than 12, especially as it’s applying to next season. 12 points is not insurmountable over a whole season. To me demotion was the only suitable punishment. What they’ve been hit with is hardly a deterrent to others at all.
EFL Could end up in court with 2 teams, Wigan wanting their point deduction quashing or at least put in place next season as they have done for SW, and Charlton fighting for SW to get their deduction this season the same as Wigan .
What about the team that finished 7th in the years that Sheff Wed are being charged over 2015-18? Or the team that finished third from bottom next season. The season it is applied in is entirely arbitrary. Unless there's something in the rules about the timescale they have to stick to I can't see any of them having a case.


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Make it up as you go a long and hope that you don’t entangle the league in even more of a mess. The club bent the rules, the club were found out and should be relegated.

Every team that has tried to comply with FFP should be banging at the doors of the FA demanding that proper justice is done.

I can see Charlton applying for an injunction preventing the start of the season because this is far from finished.