Scott Twine

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Good prospect , is he better than Tav / McGree / Crooks in a similar role ?
Ilias Chair , Callum Ohare and John Swift would be in front of him for me , all about money at the end of the day . Good shout though .


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League 1 Player of the Season and 20 goals for MK Dons and 13 assists, a midfielder/forward, I hope this lad is on our radar for the summer.

Scored four today, can take a very good free kick and is only 22.

I’m sure there will be plenty of interest mind.

He wouldn't be the first Twine to play for Boro.
Centre-half Frank (see thumbnail picture left) was good enough to represent Boro on this cigarette card from the 1920s.
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Jonny Ingbar

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Didn't realise he's 30! thought he was pretty young! :ROFLMAO:
To be fair it's not like he's going to lose his pace because he never had any!

Good player though, bet he wishes he stayed at Brentford.

Stoke have a great squad, I'd expect them to be up there next season, if they change the manager.


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Looks a good prospect.
Then again, I remember Assombolonga looking good when he scored a hat-trick for Forest to keep them up.
Just before we signed the waste of space.

Got to be brave and forget about the mistakes. Also this lad won't demand £40k per week.
Would be fantastic to have someone in our squad who could take a good free kick.
Twine was immense the other week - hit the bar from his first free-kick effort....followed by another ten minutes later that went in.
Like throwing a marker in darts.

At £3m, with our budget, this is the kind of market we need to be operating in I think?


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I've noticed Twine when watching the EFL on Quest highlights this year and he is a proper naturally goal scorer. His finishes against Plymouth last Saturday were sublime.

Definitely worth a punt on £3m... looking at the other clubs interested, you'd like to think we'd have a good chance of signing him. Who wants to be feeding off scraps at Burnley!?


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Can score from anywhere, loads of 20 yarders on his CV already, a proper number 10, best player in league one, only 22, at 3m he would could an absolute bargain. I'd be all over this even if we go up. I would think with Wilder, being a play off chasing side, and needing CFs/10s then he might fancy it.

I was saying the other day, we need a creative player (a Tomlin) and a powerhouse as our CFs next season. Twine and Gyokeres would be a perfect pair, as far as I am concerned.