Saturdays matches off - Official from EFL

Expected nothing less from the suits running the game. Too scared of any potential criticism for "not showing enough respect". Would have been a far bigger sign of respect to carry on IMO.

Minutes silence, black armbands. Could even play the chuffing national anthem for all I care. Shouldn't her life be celebrated? In most people's views she's done an incredible job, had an incredible life and (although I don't understand it myself) has undoubtedly been a source of some comfort/enjoyment to many. Dying at 96 is no tragedy.

But no, let's all be fooking miserable instead. I mean we probably could all do with a bit more misery in our lives. It has all been sunshine and roses the last few years after all 🙄
Hit the nail on the head as usual Festa5 (y)
Some bloke on TV said he thinks the 'large majority' of fans would want the games called off so they can mourn.

I'd say that pretty much sums up how much some people are out of touch.

I imagine every ground would have the exact attendance they would have had. Yet the mid week games may still happen.

I understand next Saturday being off for the funeral. So no Boro live on sky v Rotherham.
Agree it's utterly ridiculous in this day and age. It will only serve to aggravate further those who are for abolishing the monarchy. The Royal family has lost touch with the younger generation. Charles should have come out with a request that Sporting events etc. should go ahead with appropriate marks of respect - black armbands etc. I believe this would help his already difficult job of trying to reconnect with modern society and establish an accepted role for the Royal Family going forward. Causing massive inconvenience and expense to the general public is a huge own goal.
The BHA has confirmed that all British horse racing has been cancelled on Friday and Saturday.

However an additional day of racing at Doncaster will be scheduled for Sunday to ensure that the Cazoo St Leger and other important races lost as result of the cancellations can take place.

What a load of nonsense, have an 'important' horse race so people can have a bet but stop football.
when the funeral takes place they will be called off again, they should have gone ahead this weekend - armbands & a silence - then, posponed on the funeral weekend... we are led by donkeys..
It didnt need to be postponed at all, if someone wanted to watch the funeral they can, if they didnt and want to go to the football they also can. The benefits of an apparent free society
Cost of living crisis, travel tickets and hotels paid for, probably no refunds, weekends planned, leave used.
It’s so archaic that we do this in this century. Then we do the grandest of funeral with gold, jewels and all the rest of it.
I’m half way between royalist/republican.
This will only serve to aggravate and annoy the majority of people who are already ***ed off by world events
IMHO this decision is the wrong one and majorly so. There's the obvious problem of money lost that supporters won't get back, the fixture pile up even more and a myriad of other issues.

But in my mind by far the biggest reason is the one that will be remembered decades from now by those who were there. In 20 years time, not many will hold much relevance that they lost a few hundred quid during the period as $hit as that is. People should be able to pay their respects in the manner they deem appropriate. If some don't wish to attend football matches out of respect then they have that option.

I'm sure there's plenty who loved the Queen who would have been far more happy with looking back at the period and remembering heading to their matches, then just before kick off there being a minutes silence, followed by a rousing rendition of God Save the Queen. There would have been tears during singing this and it would have provided an emotional release as the effect of thousands of fans home and away joining in the same time-honoured song would have been profound.

Followed by a huge round of applause before the games got underway.

Instead, there will simply be bodies sitting at home on a Saturday/sunday and with the void of things to do and nothing on the telly be sat looking at devices bored in between grazing on stuff from the fridge. Who the hell remembers that as a focal point?

Fu(k that $h1t. Bad move from the FA. Tonight's games I can perhaps understand as it was sudden. Games on the day of the funeral too, this decision is perfectly understandable. But to cancel the whole weekend's fixtures is ludicrous.
They did, whilst strongly pressuring for organisations to cancel anyway.

Trying to take the heat off themselves and leave it on the PL and EFL.
And tbh that's exactly what they did for the Covid shutdown. In retrospect we shouldn't have expected anything different.
If it's an issue with policing then that might mitigate it - but hundreds of thousands of people will be out of pocket because of this and deprived a joyful occasion.

The government guidance was clear and this is just a stupid decision done for the sake of optics, the brand, rather than the benefit of anyone who actually cares.
It didnt need to be postponed at all, if someone wanted to watch the funeral they can, if they didnt and want to go to the football they also can. The benefits of an apparent free society
I'm with you, though even an - monarchy abolishonist like me - is fine pausing for a day for Liz II....

no pause should happen for the glorified hat ceremony that Charlie Spaniel De'Turd will get.