Saturdays matches off - Official from EFL

Have they done this at the same time as the premier league, if not they’ve jumped the gun announcing it is in line with their intentions…

Stupid decision but hey ho… it’s what it is..,
Expected nothing less from the suits running the game. Too scared of any potential criticism for "not showing enough respect". Would have been a far bigger sign of respect to carry on IMO.

Minutes silence, black armbands. Could even play the chuffing national anthem for all I care. Shouldn't her life be celebrated? In most people's views she's done an incredible job, had an incredible life and (although I don't understand it myself) has undoubtedly been a source of some comfort/enjoyment to many. Dying at 96 is no tragedy.

But no, let's all be fooking miserable instead. I mean we probably could all do with a bit more misery in our lives. It has all been sunshine and roses the last few years after all 🙄