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Jonny Ingbar

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I’d be surprised if we were in for him probably just agent talk, where would we even play him we don’t play with wingers or a no10.
He's played as a wing-back before hasn't he?

Cover/competition for Jones, which we currently don't have.


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A 'buyer'. I doubt he can be worth much and I'm pretty sure he's a pretty high earner. I'd say we'll over 20-25k.

Its a no from me. I think he has a bit of quality but not sure where he'd play. Also age. It's dead money as you'd never get anything back and he isn't going to get any 'better'.

I'd have had him 5-10 years ago 😂


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I bit old, but Howson is 33.

Samba was a old purchase too this season. I would be surprised with this one, unless its a loan and WBA pay some of his wages.


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5 years ago yes absolutely.
But he missed his chance and I think we can do better.
Unless he is happy to sit on the bench for low wages for most of the season.
Having said that I was dead set against Bolasie and I was happy to be wrong.


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I reckon it’s his agent just touting him around and we are an easy link as obviously they are from Middlesbrough. Reckon he will go somewhere like Huddersfield or Barnsley personally or maybe back to Hull