Redcar Blast Furnace


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Am I right in thinking its getting demolished tomorrow at some time ?
Think I'll nip down the 'gare this afternoon for a last look, assuming the roads open still.


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It is indeed. Tomorrow between 9.00 and 1.00.
I was down the Gare on Sunday and there was a sign on each end of the road stating it would be closed between 8:30 and 9:30. This might have changed and these things very rarely go off on time.

Edit: I think you would get a great view of it from the beach.


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Have they issued any warnings about keeping windows closed? I could be wrong but I can’t help but think of the amount of crap that will be blown into residential areas.


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I’m genuinely upset it will be gone. I can see it from my kitchen window over 5 miles away. Look out every morning having a cuppa.
I had some great times down there working on shutdowns. Once a year I went to the 3 blow off valves at the very top to grease them up. Usually in summer. Took my sarnies up and made a day of it.
Enjoyed the walk up the shoot from the stock house. It was great when your inside when it’s working. The noise, the smell, even the vibrations.
I was a contractor but reported to Vicky? And a lad who’s name fails me, was it Boyd?
Anyway, they were both great to work for and the lads I worked with were great.
Sad times.
Anybody have any contacts down there? I’d love a piece to keep in the garden.


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Heritage Centre

Throw another log on the fire Dad,
a new heritage centre is opening.

They’ll put out the furnace
and pull up the rails,
let in the ramblers
on Sunday morning trails.

Put signs on the black path,
pointing to the museum,
shut up the salamander
in a steel mausoleum.

Take the last slabs off the rolls Dad,
and pour away the last of the pig.

Put photos on the walls
of the things that we made,
show them where the empire’s
foundations were laid.

For bridges and buildings
sooner or later disappear;
now unlock the gates -
the public are here.


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I took this one from a rig in able on the morning they were announcing it’s fate… I hoped there’d be more sunrises over it but alas, the tories stiffed us on that… (northern power house my ar53). Still, the sun will keep rising over Teesside long after it’s gone…

BBC Tees used it as their cover photo on Facebook for a few days..