Redcar Blast Furnace

Considering I live in Coatham the bang wasn’t that loud. Was planning to go and watch it but had a bloody work meeting put in last minute.

I can see it every time I go to my car and some of the sunsets I’ve seen with it in the distance since moving to Redcar have been beautiful.
You can watch it again on iPlayer BBC One just find 08:59 on the in screen clock.

End of an era.
The Teesworks Heritage Taskforce has led efforts to preserve memories of the former steelworks site for future generations alongside the Teesside Archives, Steel historian Dr Tosh Warwick, Historic England, former SSI UK PR director John Baker, and former steelworkers.

A 3D rendered model of the Redcar Blast Furnace is being created by Middlesbrough-based firm Animmersion. This will see the public able to virtually access the blast furnace in 2023.