Ralf Little and Rickly Tomlinson at the Riverside


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I know this aired a while back, was it worth watching or were they there for like 30 seconds? Just saw a clip last night.
I really like them both but this was just awful to watch, their 'comedy' banter was so staged it was painful at times.
I wouldn’t open my curtains if Ricky Tomlinson was performing in my front garden. Can’t stand the bloke. Don’t know why but have never liked him since I first saw him in Brookside.
I will be honest and say that I couldn't stand him as well, but watching this series and learning his past and being jailed for being a union leader and not grassing up fellow strikers, I must admit I have more respect for him.

I quite enjoyed the series as well to be honest, it was a bit daft and forced in places, but overall it was fairly enjoyable.
Good lad Ralf, got ***ed with him after we lost to QPR a few years back, with one of the QPR ressie players. He was impressed with Mikael Tavares haha
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