Pulis on the Debate.


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Did he blab onabout how he left his mate Steve in a fantastic financial position , that fantastic a financial position we were all surprised we could manage to find a million quid for a goalkeeper. Can’t stand the man me, he gives me the creeps now. Feel sorry for whatever club he gets hold of next.

we may be 18th this season but I would be lying if I said I haven’t enjoyed this season, last season was better results wise but it really was a struggle to get excited to go to the match. I just hope next season we can do better results wise aswell as keeping it reasonably entertaining , I’m sure we will.


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I've enjoyed this season too. Last season I'm ashamed to say I'd just look for the result. This season I'm in front of the TV watching every minute. It's a refreshing change and next season, with some good dealings, I think we'll be up there.
Hopefully (y)


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His negative anti football style was sucking the joy out of the game for me and even though I still went to every home game last season I wasn’t enjoying it and thought seriously about boycotting ( although I never did).
It just felt like we were playing with the safety catch on and that no matter the opponent we would always set up the same way - TO STOP THEM.
Gone was any pretence that we would play on the front foot and go at teams no it was all reactionary and consolidating what we’d gained.
Of course the pinnacle of this was that now infamous substitution when we took the key forward off and brought a defender on ( George) to fight to hold on to a very slim narrow lead this giving the opposition the impetus they needed to spend the rest of the game on the offensive and they duly got the goals back.
This is arguably the worst managerial call I’ve ever seen at the riverside. But it typified the man and his view on the game.


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Agree Zorro.

The bloke was ripping the heart and soul out the club.

How any 'fan' can even start to defend him is incredible.

The bloke blasted millions upon millions of pounds on tripe. Then played the most dull, negative football I think I've ever seen.

Strachan was an awful appointment, Monk wasn't great neither, but Pulis certainly challenges them for the worst managerial appointment we've had in the modern era.


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The two seasons are genuinely worlds apart for me. This season I expect us to lose most matches, there's nothing entertaining about that imho. This time last year I was confident of making the play-offs until at least March. Currently, I'm still worrying about relegation. We'd even scored 2 more goals at this stage last season. I expected this though and appreciate that it was probably always in order, so I'm not going after the manager for it.

TBH the only thing I didn't enjoy about last season was all the hatred towards the manager from our fans. I've never hated any of our managers and they've all seemed like reasonable human beings imho, as does our chairman and most of his staff, although I don't know any of them personally. That includes Pulis despite his antics with Palace and Woodgate despite his antics on that night out.

Maybe I'm not cynical enough when it comes to football and shouldn't give people such an easy ride. Its the only explanation for why I'm almost always in the minority on these Pulis threads.