Priti Patel

We need immigrants in this country, because we have a poor educational system that does not provide the skills needed to fill the vacant jobs

It's a statistical fact the net contribution of immigrants outweighs the cost of them to the economy, absolute fact

What is this new policy, get a few lads in off the dole and train them up as brain surgeons, ridiculous, 25% of the NHS staff are immigrants

Priti Patel is a moron, but all this nonsense started will slimeballs like Nigel Farage propogating nonsense and propoganda, and the populaton of the UK, because of the inability
of the population to actually fact check anything and believe memes off facebook

(slightly off topic rant i know)


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The tories beat the immigration drum because it makes them popular with racists. They have done nothing in real terms about immigration because we need immigrants, but that line doesn't win votes.

Our net immigration will not change now we are out of the EU. I read an article last week that the government were inviting immigrants to work on our new border control points. You really couldn't make it up.

Racists are going to be so dissappointed with brexit.


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A lot poorer and just as many immigrants? Shirley not! If only someone had tried to reason with them before they stomped furious into a voting station, utterly convinced they were right, and definitely NOT racist....


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The difference between words, as explained by our dear leader....

Bolly - the drink du jour of the leader of le Royaume-uni
Bully - a damn fine filly, keeping Johnny Servant in his place


I'm really surprised that no one has said "We could have had Abbot"
Both are equally good with big numbers 😁 on a serious note her behavior is generally abhorrent. Never seen such a smug condescending person in public office. She's further up her own 4rse than the Mogster is up his.
Its a certainty that she has Boris scared schittless.
He dare not sack her.
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