Post your little known musical factoids

I was a choirboy when I was about nine years old. Had an argument with the choirmaster, told him to f*ck off, and stormed out, and I never went in to that church again after that. I didn't even believe in God. I was just doing it for the money.
Everybody probably knows this but just on case anyone doesn't. At the beginning of Hot Chocolates massive hit song 'So you win again' if you listen carefully you will hear a single 'yap' sound. That was caused by a Yorkshire terrier that got into the studio and barked to be let out! It was only realised once the song had been made and heard back.
Sting's 'Russians' may be the worst song ever written. I've written some crap songs in my time, but that one is just bloody awful.
Back in the 90s I dug a big hole to try and catch Jason Donovan. A few days later he was wandering around and fell in. I wouldn't help him out until he did an impression of a swan.
Shut the front door?
I'm a bit concerned that Mr. Marrr seems to have lost a letter from his forename. Is that just something that happens as you get older? If I lose that first E in Steve I'm going to be pretty f*cked. I can't go around being called Stve.