Poor Liz Truss was thwarted by the 'Deep State'

If the Deep State is thwarting Liz and her barking madness then Deep State for PM I say. Even though it's a paranoid MAGA fever dream.
This deep state must be down beneath the earth's crust when a country ran by the right for a decade, assisted by a civil service who aren't exactly a flat roof pub crowd and marshalled by a rabidly right wing press are unable to dislodge it.

Fight the good fight, my iceberg friend.
She’s an utter crank. Remember she was quite a ‘normal’ Tory back in the day, also a Remainer. She has well and truly jumped on the grifter train to earn from the far right numpties who also back Trump. There is money in them hills if you are prepared to drop all your principles and stoke conspiracy theories.

But I suppose after her disastrous tenure as PM this is the only avenue she has left to be slightly relevant. As long as the money rolls in she won’t care that she is a laughing stock.
“When I ran for office” she never did , in any real way.
Nobody in the UK 'runs' for office. Candidates in the UK 'stand' in elections. Again, she is parroting Americanisms because she is just the UK branch of the Trump MAGA cult.
I mean who is going to buy this apart from Deep State conspiracists and far right loons? The comments under her tweet are priceless.

more socialism - for failing tory businesses and covering their dividends
more taxes - you could argue that paying extortionate amounts of money for formally publicly owned services is a tax of sorts
more regulation - plenty of unnecessary laws have been passed recently restricting our movement and right to protest

they do what they say not to do..