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Even by Johnson’s standards this is f*****g horrific.
Utterly awful. Repeatedly asked by the speaker to answer the question. How anyone can’t see he’s so far out of his depth it’s unbelievable. Useless slogans and smears that people lap up ignoring incompetence as usual.


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I don't think that the vast majority do not care about PMQ's. Labour have closed a 20 point gap in just 3 months and that is, in part, due to Starmer taking Johnson apart at PMQ's. Once you reach a tipping point, even people with no interest in politics will jump on a bandwagon as they will assume Starmer is the better option as he is more popular.

I would think that the covid crisis has caused part if the swing, but it is the forensic examination of Johnson at PMQ's that reveals Johnson and his cabinet for what they are, talent-less.


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I heard the PMQs by accident because I was in the car when it came on.

Johnson was an embarrassment to himself.

He sounds a bit strange to me, almost like he doesn’t care anymore, I wonder if the 1922 are on his case.


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He was truly awful. Didn’t answer a single question, threw awful untruths and insults at Starmer and completely embarrassed himself - was told to stop waffling and answer the question by the speaker 3 times. He is an absolute disgrace and shame on anybody who put him in this position


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Johnson was awful today and Starmer totally ripped him apart and made him look like the blithering halfwit that he is.
However, when he rightly asked the PM to withdraw his IRA comment he couldn't bring himself to defend Corbyn but instead made it all about his own record in NI, which was never in doubt.



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Entirely the right approach, for me.
I don't agree. Johnson made a disgusting accusation that a serving politician is a IRA sympathiser. Starmer replied by defending his own record in NI. Has Starmer's work in NI ever been questioned? I think not, so what has he got to defend?