lack of personality will show as a weakness at PMQ ... however this will not make her a bad leader ...

Yep, I’ll second that - it’s definitely not her lack of personality that makes her a bad leader… it’s her total incompetence, her lack of integrity or conviction, her complete inability to think for herself, her lack of a moral compass, her uncaring, selfish attitude, her stupidity, her being indebted to the ERG for buying their backing and her changing of her position on key topics more frequently than she changes her knickers that will make her a truly shockingly bad leader.
First massive whopper, straight from the Bozo playbook, stating Labour didn't invest in Nuclear. In 2006 they signed off on a new power station but in 2010 this was cut by Dave and Gideon "as it wouldn't be ready until 2021".'s started.

Expect Hoyle to demand she corrects her slip..... obviously......🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

See the braying sycophantic mob are back, fresh from their jollies.......
Think nick clegg takes a chunk of that blame too
Can’t watch PMQs, grown adults shouting and acting like a classroom of children.
It's a dreadful standard, lacking any real political debate. Put that together with the other punters' favourite, Question Time, and you can see how any serious questioning of policy and strategy is suppressed by the media, and more importantly by the station which we have to subscribe to.

I'm happy paying the licence fee but I don't want the shoddy political coverage that it's reduced itself to under the right wing threat to see it off.
PMQs is certainly going to look different going forward. Up against Johnson it was all about "brand Boris" - he wasn't an ideologue at all hence frequent personal questions, integrity being questioned etc.

Truss doesn't have a personality, as far as I can tell. She is an ideologue though. I think we'll effectively start to see the two big party ideologies start to play out more across this premiership (seeds of that being sown today with the questioning of source of funding for energy).

In my opinion this actually sets Starmer a bigger challenge than before. Whilst it was fairly easy to ridicule Johnson (his lack of integrity ultimately led to his downfall) it may be a tougher task to suggest, on purely ideological terms that Labours approach is "right" and the Conservatives is "wrong". Any opposition policies at this stage are likely to be stolen/enhanced as well.
I don’t think PM’s will go very well for her, she has little to no agility to be able to deal with any unforeseen questions. She has standard answers about a subject without listening to the question.

She has no charisma, she speaks recklessly without thinking her words through she is as far as I am concerned the absolute worst candidate that ever made it onto the televised hustings.

If Starmer can’t defeat her he will have been an absolute disaster. The country is going to have to borrow long term upwards of £50 billion and the fuel generators are making excess profits of circa £180 billion which she will not touch.

Surely the country aren’t going to buy that.
The sad reality is that PMQs is utterly meaningless. There is no requirement to answer the question, they usually just repeat something they wanted to say anyway, throw lies and accusations around with impunity. The only thing that matters is not putting your foot in your mouth enough to make it a headline and the easiest way to avoid that is to not answer the question. Starmer said that Truss was complaining about the mistakes that have happened in the past but she was sat there nodding along to all of them. There is no accountability, there is no way to win because it isn't a fair fight. All that happens is a load of politicians cheering and jeering at each other. It achieves nothing but inflating their own egos. Barely anyone watches it, it's meaningless.
Say what you like, Blair was masterful at PMQ, as he did his homework, 2nd guessed the questions and had role playing dry runs earlier in the week.
He was also a natural at it.
That was a Queens speech debate, If it had been pmqs he would have been pulled up for asking Cameron questions