Pfizer & Moderna set to pocket $32bn from Covid vaccines

Cost price can mean several things.

I am sure the Vaccine is paying a lot of the AZ's general overheads and it should to some extent. The company is not a charity, but neither should it make excessive profits.
I believe Johnson and Johnson are also selling their vaccine at cost price during the pandemic. Theirs should be the next one to come online, in the next few weeks.
Them (if they are indeed selling at cost price) and AstraZeneca should be applauded. It’s a humanitarian emergency for the population of the whole world and it is absolutely crucial that the poorest countries in the world are able to afford to vaccinate their people too, and have access to supplies. It’s no good wealthy western countries vaccinating their people and then the virus runs rife and mutates elsewhere in the world’s most densely populated areas of poverty, potentially escaping the vaccines available.

Heard this the other day and it’s very true - the pandemic isn’t over for anybody, until it’s over for everybody.

I also wonder if Big Pharma has a hand in the weird delay in the US and the EU approving the much, much cheaper and easier to roll out AstraZeneca vaccine. Seems almost criminal that they are in no rush whatsoever to grant EUA to AstraZeneca. The data is clearly all there and available, given UK, India, Argentina nd other countries have seen fit to approve it already.

For anybody who thinks this is a bit conspiracy theory...the head of Operation Warp speed, which is the organisation set up by the US government to facilitate the procurement, manufacturing and roll out of vaccines, was Moncef Slaoui. On being named to oversee the group, he had to resign his position on the board of Moderna.... funny how the Moderna vaccine is being distributed in the states and they don’t expect to be issuing the AstraZeneca until something like Easter. Nuts.
On the subject of private medical companies profiting, does anybody know whatever happened to the private hospitals that were requested for use by the NHS to help deal with the pandemic?
I've said this on another thread... the BMJ have asked the government for details of the financial interests of the scientific advisors sitting on various COVID related bodies and have been refused.

I can join the dots.

As for foggy above... he's clearly lived a sheltered life (or works for a big pharma)

Always follow the money.
Does a company even raise more capital in people trading shares?
I thought they had creat more shares which would devalue others to create capital
Making a profit means more investors buy shares which means they will have more capital to put into investing in new drugs to tackle life threatening conditions.

Get off your ideological high horse.
Making a profit means more investors buy shares which means they will have more capital to put into investing in new drugs to tackle life threatening conditions.

Get off your ideological high horse.
Unless they are issuing new shares not sure how the company gets more money through more people wanting shares.
"Both partners have agreed to operate on a not-for-profit basis for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic, with only the costs of production and distribution being covered."

Oxford and AZ contract.

I can't find the link for price paid by the UK per vaccine, but I think it is £5 to £6 for the Oxford jab; £15 to £16 for Biontech/Pfizer.

India starts vaccinating today with a locally produced Oxford vaccine. The Serum institute there is pricing it at US$3. I think the "local" version in Brasil will be US$6. They start in February.

I assume that these price point differences between AZ and Pfizer in the UK have something to do with the provisions of the original contract with Oxford (although size of order must be in there too); as do these lower prices for what are seen as developing countries.

In any event Pfizer and Moderna seem to have higher prices than AZ.
20 m jabs @ £6 is still a lot less that what has been spent on failed Apps - new testing centres that were empty because they had no staff. Empty Nightingale hospitals (again no staff for them).