Payero gone

Matic didn’t really stick out did he. Richardinho left and won a world cup didn’t he?
I think you're grasping at straws there Newy...
Warnock knew he wasn't upto speed and Wilder has had chance to have a good look at him...He simply hasn't done anything, the game passed him by in the matches I saw him feature!
Seen people say it's unfortunate of the form of the midfield three last season resulting in minimal game time. If he was good enough he'd have been playing.
We took the opportunity to cash in on a £3m player who wasn't playing.
Disappointing really. I don't see the positives from this deal. We lose a squad player, we don't get a fee, we need to spend more money to replace him. How does this work in our favour?

This seems a really, really strange deal. Unless Wilder just wants him gone.