Parked car with engine running....


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Regards to the “touch a phone” part.

I think you’re incorrect. I believe you can touch your phone if it’s on a dashboard / windscreen Mount etc.

Also regards to the drive through part, you may be right technically but no Bobby would ever do you for that. If you’re on the phone but are stationary with car in neutral and handbrake on, effectively the car would be parked safely and you’d be fine.
Except for the lady in London who was fined for taking a drink of water after being stationary in a traffic jam for 10 minutes.


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I think the police will probably have bigger things to worry about than if I paid for my McDonald’s using a phone while the engine was turned on to be fair.


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Redcar drive through other week, woman behind me had paid but still at paypoint waiting for queue to move, started making a call on her phone, there was a police car next to her in other lane 🙄 luckily for her officer just told her to put it down.


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Years ago I had a mate who was persuaded to have a second and then third pint in the pub so instead of driving bedded down in the back of his car for the night. Nicked and a years ban for d & d even though that was the one thing he was avoiding doing, the engine wasn’t running and he was on the back seat asleep. Tbf he totally accepted the ruling.
Mate of mine got done for the exact same thing. Out at the pub in the sticks, couldn't get a taxi home so slept in the back of his estate car overnight. Woken up in the morning by two officers knocking on his window, breathalysed him and charged him.


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There was lad sat in his car outside my house with his engine running for about 40 minutes yesterday and it got right on my nerves!!! Clearly he had his aircon on as it was a hot day and was waiting for someone, but it annoyed me nonetheless.


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Where do we stand on dogging in the winter? I mean all that light flashing and heating on.... Oh and heated seats. You need the engine running or you could get stuck in a car park with a flat battery......slightly embarrassing when the AA comes out.

Asking for a 'friend' 😉


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That’s absolutely ridiculous.
The law and ridiculous often go together.

Thought the story of policeman telling someone on a mobile in a drive thru above to put it away is a good example of community policing.


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The worst bit about it is that having a drink whilst driving isn’t against the law.
Not being in control of the vehicle is the catch-all.

There was a well publicised apple eating incident a few years ago. She eventually lost the case as she was taking a left turn whilst eating it, which suggests that eating on a straight road would be ok.


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I had the same situation a few weeks ago with a nosey old biddy banging on my car window and threatening to ring the police.

What right has she to say I can't enjoy PornHub in Tesco's car park?
It’s up to you what you browse but I think there’s a law if your whacking one off while doing it in Tesco car park…😂
Mate of mine got done for the exact same thing. Out at the pub in the sticks, couldn't get a taxi home so slept in the back of his estate car overnight. Woken up in the morning by two officers knocking on his window, breathalysed him and charged him.
Thing to do is make sure the keys are out of site(glove compartment)then tell cops your mate will be bringing keys later -you cannot be charged with being drunk in charge of car if no keys present


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Yeah of course, but I’d expect that if she was sat in a traffic jam that she will still have been sufficiently in control of the vehicle.
I think people overwhelmingly support clamping down on mobile phone use, but examples such as thus undo all the good work done by police in getting across the importance of safety.

I went on a defensive driving course a few years back with an ex police officer running it. He said he never listened to the radio when driving. Since then I've become aware of how distracting radios, sat navs, a passenger having a telephone conversation etc. can be.


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Back to the point of the thread, it really annoyed me when having to queue outside so many shops during spring 2020 and some people had engines running while parked and waiting for people in disabled or parent bays near the doors.

Having to chew on their diesel fumes didn't make the experience any nicer.

At my local supermarket you often see 'chivalrous' blokes sat right outside the door where the kerb drops, engine running, to pick up the missus. She's capable of walking 40 metres mate and this isn't a bank job.


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Female cricket commentator on TMS ( Ebony Rainsford Brent I think it was) Said she had a hybrid hire car and because the engine was that quiet, when she had parked car she had mistakenly left the engine running all day till battery eventually died. Obviously with modern cars not being key start just pushbutton start she had locked door and just walked away with keys.
Isa Guha is the TMS commentator.


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Must have been her then.
Whoever it was was telling story to Jeremy Coney.
Don’t see what it matters who it was like.