One thing I don’t understand about Covid 19

And it’s not something that I’ve heard being discussed anywhere also really - how come some people, even seemingly fit younger people, are effected really badly whilst other are getting very mild symptoms? Could it being there’s a variation of the virus ? Maybe some of the clever folk on here (an I know we have some very intelligent ones here) can explain this for me and other simpler folk

I think there are a few things about it yet to be explained - it seems almost three-quarters of those seriously effected by it were male. Also, it seems that children are less at risk than adults.

One thing that does seem to be encouraging is that it isn't mutating a great deal.

Its probably very premature to say this and I risk doing so knowing that much worse is to come, but I think we will get off pretty lightly with Covid-19, as perverse at that sounds - the virus could have been much more contagious and it could have had a much higher mortality rate.
I would say its in your DNA how it could affect you, probably wrong mind
I dunno erimus you might not be so far away - I’ve heard if your immune system over reacts to it then you get the bad reaction, similar to sepsis so your own bodily defences ends up attacking your vital organs - or is it just fate and your life (and death) is already set out for you 🤔

Viral load ? The more germs you ingest the worse it is ?- is that proven ?

I read a bit about this yesterday and it does seem to be logical even to a non medical person like me.

If your body gets dosed up with a small amount of virus your immune system has chance to cope with it and start fighting it. If you get a big or continuing dose then it overwhelms your system.


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Researching for professional reasons (media, not medic) ... some things I've seen discussed (not conclusively).

Hypertension (high blood pressure) and cardiovascular disease particularly associated with mortality
Also existing lung disease.
Also diabetes.
Smokers ... high risk. Stastistical higher male mortality may have been associated with this (women in China tend not to smoke). Italy and Spain also "smoking" nations.
Sunshine/vitamin D may be useful in the immune response (as with other corona viruses).

I'd be very worried if I was in London, West Midlands, New York or any other busy city.