On a street in South London this morning ...

I dunno about this. Whats the message? It just looks like tory ministers in relatively menial jobs. Whats it trying to convey? They could just as easily be the people they neglect?, they will end up in these jobs when they’re voted out? All i see is shysters portrayed earning honest livings. I think of be quite insulted if i had any of those jobs
I think it’s called a vanity project

Most of the second referendum groups and personalities seemed to be more concerned about stopping a Corbyn Government than prioritising remaining in the EU

So let’s hope it’s not one of them.

Although a lot seem to be waking up today to the idea they’ve been played
Id have thought theres as much chance of a clement atlee government as a Corbyn one no?
Like I said those that have been played (O’Brien) are pretending today that they’re witnessing 5D chess moves from Starmer and suggesting he’s got a brexit position now that he (O’Brien) would never have accepted if it was suggested in 2019

At least some of them are admitting they’ve been played today, like Femi, Steve Bray and that Doctor Mike with the long hair

Us lefties did warn the Centerists 🤷🏻‍♂️
I get fed up of explaining starmer's position on brexit. Clearly you are what you want to see and no amount of facts will change that.
Whats starmers position ln brexit? I didn’t know he had one
He can't have one for the next election. He can't promise something that he can't deliver in a single term. The EU have made it clear on numerous occassions, we're welcome back once the anti-eu sentiment no longer exists in parliament.