Oh Sports Direct you never really thought this through


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Most clothing retailers have them.. they are called CR3 stands I think if memory serves me right after 20 years.

they maximise the stock you can hang on them in a minimum amount of space


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They're big on presentation. They took over Lillywhites, the best sports shop in the country, and turned it into a jumble sale.


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That shape is also part of Hinduism or it is Buddhism, so depends on your perspective I suppose.
The symbol in the clockwise form exists in lots of religions. The nazis adopted it in the anti clockwise form, I assume, because it was the arryan symbol for light.


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Ashley's strategy has always been pile it high - sell it cheap. You have to admit it has worked for him. However he has the same atitude for his workers down in Derbyshire it seems when you look at reports of the house conversions that have occured near his distribution centre