'Officially Middlesbrough's worst start outside of the top flight'

This is the most worrying and annoying start to a season I have seen since 83.. Words can't express how frustrated I am watching this shambles unfold..
We are having a exact re-run of the Woodgate summer a few years ago but with bigger badder buys and a seemingly equally ineffective coach and look how that worked out.. (so much for learn from experience)
Our recruitment has been shocking , I don't see a player in any of the buys we have made other than Latte 'jigsaw" Lathe...
I assume the plan is to forget any aspiration of a decent season this year and buy young talent that we can coach through to a decent level, then sell on.
We won't ever progress beyond where we are now if that's the case.

If that is the plan then the best thing we could do now is get Mulensteen and Phelan in to help Carrick with the coaching , (looking at Mulensteens Wiki it seems he's involved with the Aussie national team now , which could explain our current fixation on Aussie players)

Really really frustrated and angry..
How is Woodgate getting a kicking for this?

Maybe put as many expierenced players in that we can and slowly introduce the newbies (in their correct positions)

Back to basics..


I think our 2nd string looks more like this..

Silvera——-Latte Laff—-Rogers

I do think we’re carrying a bit of dead weight..