OFFICIAL: It’s back on

You have to say Norwich and Coventry are favourites (and their superior goal difference suggests they've been better over the course of the season), but they both have difficult games next. If they lose at the weekend and we win, it's going to put the pressure on. Hull (A) looks like a big game but to be honest they all are now if we're going to give ourselves a chance....
The next game is massive. If Norwich beat Ipswich then I think it will be pretty much game over, as they would then only have to win 3 out of their 5 remaining games to finish on 76 points (maximum number of points we can get). Their final 5 games do look very winnable.

If we can close the gap to 3 points after the next game though, it will be game on.
Weird how it's worked out that four of those chasing teams all have to play Ipswich.

Two of them play two of the top four, Coventry have to play three of the top four. Interesting fixture lists. Unfortunately, Norwich's probably looks the easiest of the lot.
If Norwich get something against Ipswich, I can't see them slipping up enough to be caught.

They'd still be favourites even if they lose.

I'm letting that hope come back again though, makes things more enjoyable.
Even if we average 2 points a game (we av 1.45 all season) and Norwich average 1 point per game (they av 1.6 all season), then we still wouldn't get in play offs, as we would still be behind on goal difference.

Plus we play two of the top 3, who are very much in with a great chance of auto promotion, and we play them both before that would be settled, so they'll be well up for it.

Norwich play two teams at home who area already on holiday, and none of their away games should be that difficult.

Plus, there's two other teams above us, who both have a game in hand, Coventry have two points on us plus a massive goal difference gap.

Hull are on the same points as us, and have a game in hand over us, and we have to go there and play them.

Catching up 6 points, in 6 games is extremely tough, just on it's own, and twice as hard expecting two others to not do similarly well.

We do have three games which are against teams whose season is already over, but it doesn't help much, even if we win those, as we would likely need 5 wins to have an evens chance. The only one we could MAYBE afford to not win is Ipswich away, but even if we won every game, I wouldn't be surprised if we still didn't make it.

If we do actually make it, it's going to be 6th too, which means we have to play 3rd :S

Best odds on promotion are 50-1, but you can get 250-1. That 250-1 might be worth a punt.

We're 33 to 1 to make the play-offs, that seems about right.

I don't even think I want the hope to be honest, as cannot be arsed with the sucker punch, but if we finish within touching distance it would help for attracting players for next year.
74 points could be required - that would be 5 wins and 1 draw from 6 games for us.

We really need Norwich to drop some serious points to get the 6th place points to something like 71 points which would be 4 wins 1 draw 1 defeat for us.

I can see Coventry struggle with the number of games they have to play in the next 33 days.

If we could win at Hull that could be decisive in our battle with them.