No Rashford in England squad

Rashford is a product of his environment...... He lives on easy street playing for Man Yoo..... He is one of many overpaid and over hyped footballers stealing a living by turning up once in every four or five matches with a half decent performance. He is sleepwalking through his career. The culture at Man Yoo is completely broken - they are miles behind City, Liverpool and Arsenal. Rashford would not get a game for those teams if he turned out like he has for Man Yoo this season. You have to question his appetite/hunger to win and pay for a successful team....... It just looks like..... Long contracts and big money equals little effort.....

He needs to move before it's too late.....

But he probably won't move because he doesn't have the aptitude to be a winner and world class player......

He should look across the city and see how hard the millionaires at Man city work and how they want to strive to better themselves every year.....

He should also look at Harry Kane as an example....a proper player with a proper attitude who hasn't played in a title winning team..... He's gone abroad wanting to better himself!

Southgate has this one right for me!
I agree with you that Southgate’s got this one right but not sure regarding Rashford’s attitude and feel he’s always done well for England (17 goals in 60 appearances).

I would put his dip in form down to Ten Haag who seems to struggle with his man management skills.

Regarding moving, it was rumoured he was leaving United and the board threw silly money at him to prevent an uprising from the fans (see below). I agree Man U are miles behind the teams you mentioned but it is a difficult decision to leave one of the biggest clubs in the world when they offer you silly money to remain and you don’t have to uproot you family. I bet in hindsight he wished he had moved and if United don’t change their management soon, he will.

The following is from Wiki:

2023–present: Contract extension and recent struggles​

On 18 July 2023, Rashford signed a new contract with Manchester United until 2028, for which he is paid £325,000 per week (£16.9m per year).