No fans of course it’s a pen

The reality is if the
Fry pulled his arm first, no way does a defender get away with that

Arm contact was going on yards before the box. If there is no foul in the box you can’t give a penalty. If Fry’s leg doesn’t tangle with his on the line it’s no penalty.

Having said that the ref doesn’t have the benefit of VAR.

Everyone including officials and players make mistakes. Officials do even with VAR.

The bottom line is we were poor, Sunderland were better and we start getting ready for Watford.
My point is not that the penalty decision but the point you made
“Thirdly, if it is a pen then it isn’t a red. New double jeopardy rule - it was a genuine attempt for the ball. Pen and no red card.”
The referee decided to award the penalty for pulling the opponent once he decided it was a penalty the direction for that offence is a Red card. Therefore it does not fall foul of the double jeopardy.
How was it a genuine attempt to play the ball? If it was in the box it would still have been a red.
Clear red and a free kick. Fry so poor yet again, how many times can he get caught out in those positions

Not sure that's very fair. The whole of the defence was pushed up. Frys the only one who came anywhere near to getting back. Why is it Fry getting caught out but not Lenihan?

It happened multiple times in the game as well which makes me think it must be tactical. I guess we thought Steffan would collect the balls over the top, their forwards would run themselves knackered and get frustrated. Didn't pan out that way. 🤷‍♂️