New Music

Loving a lot of the stuff on the 'Music' thread but want some recommendations and/or just new music ideas.

I'll start with Pinegrove's latest album Marigold - released last week though there's been a few outtakes kicking around for a while - one of whih is 'Moment'



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While I am all for a new music thread, any music thread really, I think it probably should have been broken down say in to months Ie New Music January, New Music February otherwise it will get to big and not be new music after a while. It would not specifically need to be released in said month just or even new music just music people want to bring to attention of others who might not know said artists. Just my thoughts.


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Not a problem Erimus. I couldn't live in your world of nostalgia. I have to keep hearing new music although I do like a few of your posts. Don't think there will be much on this new thread that will interest you but keep tuning in.


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Im probably regemental in my music taste, don't like much after the mid to late 80's, though I do surprise myself when I find myself liking a modern record, singer
Probably the last band I liked to listen to were the Kaiser Cheifs, more of a pop fan no matter what decade or music it be though

Enjoy your afternoon


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I like most things with exception of Jazz, Disco and what they now call R&B. Since Christmas all I have been playing is an Electro/New Wave compilation I made for my son. Soft Cell, Depeche Mode, early Ultravox, Human League, Talk Talk etc etc. Great music is timeless.