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I like most things with exception of Jazz, Disco and what they now call R&B. Since Christmas all I have been playing is an Electro/New Wave compilation I made for my son. Soft Cell, Depeche Mode, early Ultravox, Human League, Talk Talk etc etc. Great music is timeless.
Have a listen to this's a mixtape/mashup I did a few years ago of seminal 80s electro mixed with some of the contemporary bands they influenced.
Always enjoyed this little number, but I think it will fall on stony ground here.

I think a few on here went through their punk or Teddyboy period, this I played during my Tuxedo period which didn't last long but was fun.

Takes a bit of time but it goes on to a great crescendo. If you do manage to listen passed 2 mins you might enjoy it as the tune gets stuck in your head.



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I won't post the video again but if you are going to the Georgian Theatre to see Working Mens Club, you are in for a good un. They were in blinding form at the Trades Club (Hebden Bridge) last night. It was the 6th time I've seen them and they have improved/evolved even further. Late 70s/early 80s, post punk electro as done by today's 18 year olds.
Cheers for those asredastheycome. I've always liked The Just Joans. I think they have a live album due out soon. On Sunday I'm out to see the Kyoto superstars...
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Loving a lot of the stuff on the 'Music' thread but want some recommendations and/or just new music ideas.

I'll start with Pinegrove's latest album Marigold - released last week though there's been a few outtakes kicking around for a while - one of whih is 'Moment'

Great album that. I've just bought it along with an excellent album you should check out: Loom by Katie Gately. I'll attach a youtube link to the end of the thread