New Music 2023

Last tonight Charlotte and Zora. Wish I could have got to one of Charlottes shows in the Netherlands. But will be back in a weeks time and get to see Zora in Blackbriar
Some new songs. Starting with these

The Wedding Present - We Interrupt Our Programme

The leading track from the 7th release from The Wedding Present and their new project '24 Songs' - a 7" single every month throughout 2022. It came out originally last year but is now released on the album of the same name 24 songs.

Slime City - Dial-Up Internet Is The Purest Internet.................this was probably out a couple of years ago but has now appeared on their debut album.

Katherine Priddy - I Think They're Leaving Me Behind ................................another track from The Endless Coloured Ways: The Songs of Nick Drake. Very very good and I am really looking forward to the full album coming out.