New Music 2023

COLOURING – “LOVE TO YOU, MATE”...............................brilliant.

“Love To You, Mate – The story of Christmas 2021 spent with my wife’s family in hospital together,” says Jack Kenworthy of the title track to his new Colouring album Love to You, Mate. “My brother-in-law Greg became very ill and in hindsight, that period marked the beginning of the end. But through all the worry and uncertainty, we just laughed and cried together in the most incredible ways – it was so special; Greg and the whole family were just amazing. This is a message to all of them and the still-point of the record really.” The album is out February 23 via Bella Union.

Well on that note thats 2023 done for me. Thats me caught up and some really decent tracks tonight. So unless anyone has anything else to post I'll see you in a wee while when I post 2024. Playlist is on Spotify but you can't add to it yet will sort that soon. Its gone three and way past my bed time.

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