New Music 2023

EARTHEATER – “CHOP SUEY” (SYSTEM OF A DOWN COVER)..........................would not of known what this was had they not told me. Very strange.

Eartheater put an eerie spin on the System of a Down hit,

BETH ORTON & SKINNY PELEMBE – “WHO BY FIRE” (LEONARD COHEN COVER)..........................think I will stick with the original but its interesting.

Says Skinny Pelembe: “I’ve covered a tune by one of the greatest songwriters of all time, Leonard Cohen. Sung it with Beth Orton, who has one of the best voices of all time! One of the best drummers of all time, Malcolm Catto, is keeping the time! And I sound F***ing fantastic at this point in time!”

I will post this for Paintolerance in the hope it is something he will like. Not sure if he follows this thread or no.


Land of Talk’s new single “Pwintiques” nods to “Twin Peaks,” a theme that also bleeds into the video. “It originally started as a minute-long demo when I brought it to the studio,” Lizzie Powell says. “Rena [Kozak] and Laurie [Torres] really brought me out of my shell to expand it. I remember giving Laurie so many drum references like Fugazi, Tortoise, and Trans Am, and she kept on nailing it. Rena cut and edited some of these and built them into an epic whole. She made it into a gargantuan event. The last three minutes feature me and Laurie playing drums together. I loved all these bands when I was younger so this felt like a return or at least a tip of the hat to my teenage self. You can get lost along the way sometimes so it was nice to go back to my roots.”

DARK DARK DARK – “SOMETHING WAS THERE”...........................TKASG favourites many moons ago.

Dark Dark Dark are back with their first new music in 10 years. They played “Something Was There” often in their last year of touring, and it’s from a new split 10″ with vocalist Nona Marie Invie, due out OCtober 13 via Melodic.