Life's too short, just ignore their slights, carry on being pleasant when your paths cross and take satisfaction from the fact that that probably winds them up even more.

Also if you actively 'stir it up' if/when you sell you would have to disclose that you had had a dispute with the neighbour to prospective purchasers. Failure to disclose a dispute could allow a buyer to make a misrepresentation claim against you.
Nah I totally understand that. I’m not the type to bother with it to be honest, although yesterdays incident with the parcel left a sour taste in the mouth at the time.

I quite like house / area we live in and want to get stuck into more renovation works after our wedding later this year so I fully intend on outstaying them! 😆
September 28th is national good neighbour day, I would suggest nearer the time you secretly send cards round all your neighbours with details of a surprise impromptu party at theirs to celebrate the day, they’ll be over the moon that so many people will turn up.