Name 3 bands


Well-known member
that will still be known and listened to in 300 years.

Mine are:

1. The Doors
2. The Beatles
3. Joy Division
There will be no one around to listen to music in 300 years.
We will have destroyed ourselves.

Or at least, there will be nobody around on earth to listen to music. We may well have inhabited another planet or two by then.
If so - Queen, Rolling Stones, Beatles.
They would all be known, to some degree, unless a metor hits the earth or something else crazy.

But as for listened to at all, or listened to a fair amount relative to what alternatives are around, that's different. If it's the latter then my bet is all the bands mentioned above will be close to nil (like market share), they will just all get diluted out further over time, and largely forgotten. The same way next to nobody plays Beethoven when sat at home, or with a bunch of friends.

It's evident on Spotify, ask 100 people over 40 to pick the most famous Beatles song, which would have stood the test of time, and ask who wrote it, and everyone would pick a Lennon or McCartney song, yet Here Comes the Sun has 50% more plays than any other Beatles song, and it was written by George Harrison. Even someone like Sia has three songs with 50% more plays than Here Comes the Sun. Here Comes the sun is my favourite Beatles song too mind, but I'm not that fussed on the rest, but still massively appreciate what they did/ respect them etc.

300 years is an extremely long time, which is 5x longer than any of those bands mentioned have been known, and the next 300 will move 10x quicker than the last 300 did.

There will probably no such thing as music as we know it by then. It will just be some sort of AI sound stimulant, which isn't an actual sound. It will probably be something which just activates the same receptors in your brain which occur when you hear sounds, this would change to optimally reflect what you're trying to achieve/ feel.