Nadine Dorries new Culture Secretary


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It's the stuff of dreams for sketch writers. Come on....... even for Boris it's outrageous. Culture my F***ing ****!
Some choice titbits...............

Quoted Tommy Robinson

Was criticised in February 2019 after she said that journalist Ask Sakar and former Labour candidate Faiza Shaheen “looked the same” and that she had gotten confused because of their “accents“.

Asked Sadiq Khan about grooming gangs (what's it got to do with him?)

Admits her staff log on to her personal email account regularly

Jumped on the fruitcake bandwagon "Left wing snowflakes are killing comedy, tearing down historic statues, removing books from universities, dumbing down panto, removing Christ from Christmas and suppressing free speech. Sadly, it must be true, history does repeat itself. It will be music next."

She complained that she had been called “racist” after saying that former Labour MP Chuka Umunna looked like ex-boxer Chris Eubank.

Singled out radio host James O’Brien, who she called a ‘public school posh boy f**k wit’ after he had blocked her on Twitter.

She voted against same-sex marriage anyway saying it took ‘sex out of marriage’

Piccadilly Day Tripper

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Simon Clarke has a role in cabinet now as Chief Secretary to the Treasury.

Not bad for a tool who has just got his A-levels.

Time for all the Teesside tories including Young and the Minister for Dog Dirt Vickers to start turning their social media trolling into tangible actions now


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Nobody can be surprised can they? After all the new Culture Secretary has been appointed by the man who names Vince Vaughan’s Dodgeball as his favourite film.