Murray Walker


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Great memories growing up with the likes of Piquet, Mansell, Prost and Senna etc. Loved the F1 and his commentary was as big a part of that as the drovers.



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One of the all time greats as a commentator in any sport. As much a part of formula 1 as the drivers to me. He also came across as a really great person.

RIP 🏎️

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With that the great BBC commentators of my youth have passed.

Henry Longhurst
Harry Carpenter
David. Coleman
Ron Pickering
Dan Maskell
Brian Johnstone
Richie Benaud
John Arlott
Bill Mclaren
Peter Alliss

and now

Murray Walker


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Had the pleasure of meeting him at the Goodwood Festival of Speed about a decade ago, a very pleasant guy and I came away from a 5-10 minute chat like a Cheshire Cat.

RIP Murray!

I also met him when I was 20 years old at an event and I was instantly starstruck. Had time for everybody who wanted to speak to him that afternoon.

Growing up as a kid the family were and still are massive motorsports fans. His voice is instantly recognisable, to the point you can hear it in your head.

For me this is Murray's greatest piece of commentary, I know lots will pick Formula 1 quotes but the passion here is unrivaled.

Rest in Peace Murray.