Muniz on the bench for Fulham


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Abit like the clubs who are trying to sign Josh Coburn on loan? They haven't signed a striker yet so he is their reserve for mitro still


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Probably best for us if he doesn't have an impact today though.

If he came on and played well, they might rethink their plan, especially with their struggles in signings.

Jedi boro

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I think it’s a good sign that he’s in the bench as Fulham are only going to strengthen from here so if he can’t get in now then….


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Might just be BT's camera not picking up the audio, but the Fulham fans are so quiet even when they score.


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Good game 👍🏻

fulham could of finished it off first half but let Liverpool come back in .
fulham signing Andreas pereira looks a good buy , very good player 👍🏻
2-2 fair result in the end I think.
salah a bit quiet , but got his goal on the opening game again, think bt sport said that’s 6 opening games on the bounce .
Half wish he had left liverpool and went for a new challenge this season but the other half of me would miss watching …for me…in the top 4 in the world ….him each week in the prem .
Looking forward to seeing how chelsea fair at Everton next .
they have to prove a point and show they are going to proper challenge this year, I’ll go for a Chelsea 0-3 away win 👍🏻
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