More Music For You...

Some of you may remember that I used to do a podcast of 20 eclectic music tracks every few weeks? I shared the link on FMTTM back in the day but thought I'd share again here as there seem to be many people with similar musical tastes to me, so hopefully they will be enjoyed?! I had a rubbish microphone for the first one so the talking (of which there deliberately isn't much!) is a bit is great though! The sound quality gets better later.
Listened to a few of these on old board. Is there a way of seeing tracklists for each show. Thought there was before.(y)

On another note are these tracks allowed to be shared as I have loads of compilations that I have made over years but didn't think you were allowed to share them.
If you click into a particular podcast then it expands the playlist out. As far as I am aware Mixcloud make a contribution to artists for any track they get played via their site so doing stuff through there is fine!