Michael Portillo Mbro Now

His hi-vis suit emits subliminal messages that brainwash viewers. See what he did to Bobby Gillespie, when still in the experimental stage.
Like a chameleon he dons his pastel hue. But beneath it still beats a heart of pure stone.
Because he and the other ideological swine laid the groundwork for what is happening today.
He can stick his choo-choos
Do stone hearts beat?

Micky tickles
Round the track
Beating hissing
Imagine that
Northern line
Northern lives
Little children
Homes and wives
Hopes and dreams
Were not stopping
At northern stations
Alls forgiven now
Reputations washed and white
And all it took
Was same old sh!te
Acknowledge they were always there
Repent that one didnt care
Furrowed brow greying hair
Too late micky on your way
Carpe diem seize the day
Forty years too late
Is all i can say

I dont wrote much poetry as you can tell but im
not having a train ride and a what a jolly fellow boll oks winning me over ta.
I was wondering if we can have a list of what we can and can't like and who we hold grudges against at the top of the board.

That way, many of us won't make these silly mistakes of enjoying a simple programme on the TV. Maybe the list could be updated daily with programmes we can watch.
If a jolly train ride makes you forget everything the tories have done and makes michael a really jlly nice guy then go for it but dont forget to park your anti tory outrage when it comes to less jolly train riding tories. If you put boris on thomas the tank engine is all forgiven? Brilliant way to spin things - the pyrenees with pol pot and gino de campo, hitler and lumley do the himalayas, schofield and stalin on the steppes.