Marcus Browne


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One of the three centre mids, or playing wide off a front man?
Wide off a front man for me but there may be games he could play as one of the 3 centre mids, for instance if we are trying to break down a packed defence. Think Browne and Tav could compliment each other well and rotate positions at times in different games


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Needs to sort his head out - loses his rag way too easily when things aren't going for him ..
You would hope the spell away from the club has helped in this aspect, he alluded to coming back with a different approach and attitude and I guess this is what he meant. To not be so rash


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Really pleased that he is back, had a feeling he would have been one that we would have regretted had we sold him. Clearly has talent and you cant really blame him for last season either, how is a young player meant to develop when the management team dont have a clue.


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I think finances dictate we give him another chance. He is playing for an organised manager this time around too, he did well enough at Oxford, albeit a league down. I agree with the poster that suggested if he wasn’t here already another Championship team would have probably taken him.
If anyone can handle his temperament and channel it to good effect, its NW. Browne is saying the right words on his return at least. Warnock will assess how trustworthy he feels he is. He wont stand for displays like Swansea away that is for sure. The Jury is still out for me, fingers crossed he has matured.
I hope he can have a fresh start here. Working under two complete rookie coaches at the start of last season probably didn't help.
If it works out I pre-season, it wouldn't surprise me if a bid came in for Tavernier that the club can't turn down and Browne takes his place in the squad. Not saying we should be looking to sell Tav, but he will attract interest and Warnock has said every player has his price. Same applies to Djed Spence. I could see Fulham buying him back and us buying Chris Gunther to challenge Dijksteel. Again, not saying Spence isn't good enough but he will attract interest and Dijksteel put in some decent performances after the restart. Like Spence, he's also very confident when running with ball.
Done an interview today saying he is excited to be back and looking to make an impression on Warnock. Saying all the right things, would love him to have a good pre season as he could save us a few quid and just be like a new signing. Hope he does it.
Couldn't agree more mate
Wasn't impressed with him last season, but it sounds like he did well at Oxford - and has come back with a fantastic attitude


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Perhaps Warnock can get Browne's energies channeled into driving Boro on , rather than creating trouble when he loses out.
Actually this reminded me of Graham Souness's comment re Jack Charlton's chat in his early days at Ayresome Park where he said "there are 2 doors for you, one with success and one where you can drift out of the game and achieve nothing". Maybe Browne can go some way to following GS's path.