MAME Arcade Cabinet


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Has anyone ever made/bought a MAME arcade machine? I'm tempted but there isn't as much information online as I expected. Any experts on here please?


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I had a MAME emulator on my computer ages ago.
It was great playing the old arcade games again from the 70s.
Canyon Bomber
Boot Hill
Sea Wolf
Night Driver etc
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Not got one but looked into it last year to put in my bar, i think you could just put a raspberry pi emulater/TV in the unit and away you go. Im sure you could buy they units and attach yourself.


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Pretty expensive to buy a decent one

you could look at getting a Pandora device off AliExpress (or eBay) - it's basically a set of two arcade joysticks with all the emulator stuff built in, not quite the same but a lot cheaper and doesn't take up as much space


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I built one years ago and got rid of it when I got married.

I basically bought an old arcade cabinet of e-bay for about £20 and put an old pc in. I got all the joysticks and buttons replaced from analogue to microswitched ones and attached them to an I-PAC board, which basically allows switches to be used as keys. Ultimarc is the company that produces the interface boards, if you know what you are doing then they are quite straight forward to use.


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i have a raspberry pi with retropie installed. problem is getting the games if you want to do it yourself. i managed to find SNES and Megadrive and a few others. runs perfect though.


I've got one of these :

Although i've barely used it since i set it up! Its relatively easy to find Full SD card images online which have every game on every platform you can imagine.


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I have an RPi that I put into a 10 quid Ikea square table so I can play on a proper coffee table. Second hand dell monitor, so the whole thing costs less an 100 quid and I have about 100 games I can muck about with on it.


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Thanks everyone, lots to think about. I'm building a bar in the basement eventually so want one in there (and an old Wurlitzer-style jukebox too).