Malcolm Christie


He was working for evans Halsaw for a long time... not sure if he still does. He was at Jag/Aston at houghton le spring a while back and I had the pleasure of meeting him and going on a test drive... we didn’t talk about the car at all the whole time.. he told me he always loved the Boro and wanted to stay. Just the injuries caught up with him and robbed him of a decent career.
He was a very genuine and nice guy


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When we signed him and Riggott from Derby I thought it was a cracking bit of business at the time. I might be wrong but I'm sure it was a double deal for around £3m?

Both really promising young players in good form for Derby. Riggott had been linked with a move to Liverpool so it was quite a coup at the time. Unfortunately both really struggled with injuries (especially Christie). Still remember being at the SOL when we beat the mackems 3-1. Riggott got 2 and Christie got 1. It may have been their debuts if I remember rightly. The away end went crazy when Christie scored at our end to make it 3-1. Great game!

Jonny Ingbar

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Liked both Christie and Riggott, as someone else said, two players who were stopped from reaching their full potential by injuries.

Christie especially was a player who I was excited about when he signed.


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Malcolm Christie was on crutches at the same time as me, I met him in the elevator at the Riverside and had a bit of a chat with him about our respective injuries. He seemed like a really nice bloke (y)


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What could have been. If he stayed fit, he would have scored loads for us. There are a couple of absolute brilliant solo goals in the youtube clip above - he could score them and also plenty of "boring" tap ins that good strikers should get.


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Christie was a very good player and unlucky with injuries to say the least.
He was also in a big group of strikers at the club in his time here.
He signed same season as then record signing Maccarone and Ricketts, while we still had Nemeth and Job; and immediately got a bad injury
A year later Hasselbaink signed with the great Viduka and Yakubu joined the following summer.
There was a lot going on up front at the time.

Compare and contrast to the current position.
Christie would be easily our best striker at the minute and am much better footballer too.