Mail on Sunday going after Prince Charles big time


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Nice and easy this one. He received the money, passed it straight over to one of his charities like he claims, everything recorded, noted, vouched for and nothing to see. Legally I assume they have an account for all donations, so no matter how big or small it would not matter - there will be an audit trail. Charlie a bit bent? 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️


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How can any monarch accept a bundle of cash in a bag, charity on not it stinks. Charles plays the bumbling fool well but he's a bent as the rest of them.


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Given that he has more money than is actually sensible and that his political clout is rather limited I don't doubt that the money went straight to his charity. Feels odd to be defending Prince Chuck as an avowed lefty republican but I think it says more about the papers that are having a go at him. Can't have anyone spoiling the greed fest that is the UK at the moment with awkward criticism.

I seriously believe that he will be the end of the monarchy, he has his father's penchant for putting both feet in it. Go for it Prince Chuck.


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There’s a number of right wing entities and organisations that would like the line of succession this time round to be a + 1 Obviously not going to happen, but might as well start undermining the ol’ lad before he goes for a fitting for the crown.