Lenihan out for the season

We’ll certainly have to keep hold of McNair in Jan, even though his contract runs out in the summer.

Could either sign another right back or centre back, depending on how Carrick wants to use RVDB
Yeah I don't think it really changes things.
RB still a priority and free VDB to slot in at CB.

Surely VDB starts though whether that is CB or RB. He's been quality.
Clarke and RVB can play centre back, RVB and Dijksteel can play Right back. Hopefully no more injuries and maybe sign a right back/ centre back on loan In January 🤞
We are beginning to get a full picture of why Michael Carrick said that Riley McGree would be out for a matter of weeks but the others were far longer. Tommy Smith was 10 months from his injury and now Lenihan the same sort of thing.
I don't follow other clubs injury situations so I don't know how common it is, but we seem to have had a fair share of long term injuries over the past few seasons. Off the top of my head Ameobi, Fisher, Smith, Clarke and now lenihan(with Fisher and Ameobi being career ending injuries). Is this normal or are we just unlucky?
7 defenders is not enough in the squad and 3 of them are inexperienced - need an experienced defender as cover - no discussion.
Wish the lad well and a speedy recovery but I don't think it's a particularly big loss to be honest, we have improved dramatically since he was out the team, I always thought him and fry never worked out!!