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I think ITV know they have a big MU supporting audience which dampened down their commentary and analysis.

And there was a bit "oh no - MU out of FAC what about later rounds viewing figures if we have to do show Middlesbrough v Cardiff instead of MU v Liverpool."


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The rule is a joke, an absolute joke. However, we are Boro and we play by the rules. Well done Anthony Taylor and Stu Attwell for both interpreting the handball correctly as accidental. It would have been all too easy for one of them to call it deliberate (when it wasn’t) I often felt that the big teams get the call in their favour, but not tonight so although the rule is bonkers imho, the officials and VAR interpreted the rules correctly.

The fact that the commentators kept on about it for so long made it all the sweeter.


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I think, like many non boro fans who’ve been brought up on the fact that any slight touch of the hand meant hand ball, it’s hard to get your head round the fact that that was not given…

For me, it was hand ball as it wasn’t ball to hand in my opinion, but it was obviously accidental as he didn’t intend to handle it… he did gain advantage from the contact though… it’s all about opinion and interpretation of the rule though…

I’m glad it went our way though..


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The commentary on the game in general was abysmal.
I don't suppose Dixon ever took part in a game were his side benefitted from a bad decision by the Ref.
You would think the way he went on and on about it he'd never played, or watched the game in his life and with regard to dodgy decisions it's not often Manure have been on the wrong end of one, justice at last !
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His job is to explain the game. It's pretty extraordinary that he can spend 20+ minutes going on and on about how he doesn't understand the laws and openly admitting he can't do his job.

I might try that in work on Monday. Spend the whole morning telling everyone I haven't got a clue what I'm doing. Wonder how that will work out for me?


It beggars belief how Dixon keeps that role. He seemed genuinely gutted that the goal had stood.
I also though he either hates the Boro or had a big bet on United to win it.

But aside from that, what does he actually offer as the co-commentator?
i thought those guys were supposed to add something that an ex-pro might have noticed and the average fan might not see.
Far too many of them just state the obvious or repeat what the commentator has already said.
And in Dixon’s case he has the most boring voice in the business.
Talk about jobs for the boys.


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When Dixon first appeared I thought he was decent, have quite good detailed insights at times. Nowadays he's tedious and can't seem to be bothered offering anything worthwhile


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Glad we were on the right side of it, obviously, but whoever signed off on that rule change or had anything to do with it should be put to sleep.
The rule was only changed to make it easier to referee the game with VAR.

The fact it had unintended consequences to the point they decided to change it back is another reason VAR should be binned.


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Anyone else notice ITV kept turning the volume up to make Man U fans seem loud. They certainly were not that at the ground. Laughable
Spot on. The mics were full on any United whimper and dialled down our noise. Pathetic mis-representation of the atmosphere. The MU fans were pathetic on the night.


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I'm surprised no one has referenced Rod Liddle's article in the Sunday Times yesterday. Paywall, so no link, but he had a real go at ITVs coverage, not just Lee Dixon, but the fact that they made it sound like only one team was playing. I won't accuse Rod of plagiarism, but many of the views expressed on here formed the basis of the article. I hope someone can look it up and post the text.