Labour 10 points ahead of Tories...


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All the opposition parties need to keep their feet on the neck of the Tories. Don't let up for a single day, they blooming well wouldn't if the roles were reversed.


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Urghh, remember a time before brexit, when noone even knew what an MEP was, and noone cared, we all just got 2 to 3 percent better off most years and didn't care about "unelected" "sovreignty" and swapping Europe's stupid laws and making them our own "stupid laws", we didn't know what the single market was, we just traded unhindered and stocks and supplies were free flowing. Remember a time when people didn't call each other covidiots, remoaners and all these other nasty things. I kind of wish I'd taken the red pill, and I really wish everyone wasn't so far left or so far right all the time, we don't have to change to words to baa baa black sheep, and we also don't have to put all asylum seakers on an off shore oil rig! Life has been like a movie for bloody years now hasn't it lol