Klopp to Germany, gerrard to Liverpool?

Jedi boro

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I’ve said for weeks now as I think klop will be looking for an exit from Liverpool as he doesn’t look the same guy as he was last year.

Could the newly vacant Germany job be the perfect exit route this leading to the gerrard move to Liverpool ?
Klopp has said he's not available to take the Germany job. I'm actually intrigued to see how he rebuilds Liverpool over the summer.
Gerrard only needs to look at Lampard to see the risks of moving to his dream managerial job too early.

He'd be daft to do it, he's done a fantastic job at Rangers this year but it's only one season.
Give it a few more years at least.
Gerrard to Liverpool ffs. That would be ridiculous. You’ve only one team to beat if you want to win the league in Scotland. English football is very different.
Too early for both. I know Klopp has spoke before how he doesn't want to manage well I to his old age but the Germany job is too soon for him now with a new challenge at Liverpool available. It helps that the fans adore him and he obviously has a good rapport with the owners.
Gerrard should try and emulate the success he's had this season next season too otherwise people will see this season's win as a fluke if Celtic win it next year.
Yeah, seems a little bit soon for Klopp to take the Germany job. International management is a bit of a retirement project isn't it. Especially when their last manager did 15 years in the job!

Great job for someone though. Who's likely to take it?
They, media, are hyping Gerrard as the latest next greatest.. he's won a two horse race..

Jumping into a top PL club would be a Move too far too soon.. & I reckon he'd end up like Lampard.. booted within a season..