Ken Bruce Leaving R2


Greatest Hits Radio is becoming more like R2 of old with Simon Mayo already recreating his Drivetime show there. Guess I'll be spending even more time listening to it now that there is nothing on R2 to entice me.
BBC should have created 2 extra for the oldies like us, and keep the djs we've grown up with. It looks like they own the rights to their shows, Simon Mayo has exactly the same sho on the as he had on radio 2. I hope ken Bruce will be the same. Just need Steve wright on before Simon Mayo and happy days return.
I hope there's no place for Vine. Got high pitched self righteous indignation off to a tee. Boy does that grate on my senses.


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At least he went on his own terms and not through the BBC axing him or illness.

R2 is poop frankly aside from the specialist music shows like Folk/Blues/Jazz/Soul shows. How anyone can listen to Jeremy Vines is beyond me but at least he allowed me to get the office I used to work in to accept R6 as the office radio choice.


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ah well, that's the last decent one gone, guess I won't be listening to radio 2 any more!


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Mike Sammes. And Sing Something Simple was the Cliff Adams Singers.
Ah yes my memory fails from those golden days. Cliff Adam singers not Mike Sammes Singers. The latter were more varied with the singing in the themes to some of the Gerry Anderson puppet series. I do remember the smooth tones of the presenter of SSS - Alan Dedicote.


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When I was a lad my parents had it on all the time. This was before the days of Radio 5 and sport was on Radio 2.

In those days the staples were the Charlie Chester Show, Overseas Family Favourites and Sing Something Simple with the Mike Samm singers. Proper older station. They even had their own soap - Waggoners Walk.

Now we are at that age it doesn’t seem so old. They play up to date but quite middle of the road stuff. Lots of George Ezra, James Bay, Adele and Ed Shearan.
Ah the station that used to wash over me as a kid. Terry Wogan and Jimmy Young. “What’s the recipe today Jim”


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I listen to GHR more and more these days. Particularly with Simon Mayo going there. In fact, Ken Bruce was the only reason I listen to R2 these days. I expect GHR will have thrown a load of money at him.

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I quite like Jeremy Vine. Reading the comments I think I may be on my own.🤪
I'll miss Ken Bruce, I usually listen to pop master on headphones and cant stop myself shouting out the answers in the street like someone with a weird pop music based form of tourette's.


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Radio 2 has been going down the pan for a while now - I prefer to tune into Boom Radio (those of a certaain age will appreciate its presenters and music content!)